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Publication "In Search of Spaces of Negotiation"

CSM, 2012, 144 pages

"In Search of Spaces of Negotiation" was published by CSM in late 2012. It addresses two major sets of questions: “Why would artists leave a ‘white cube’ to work with public spaces?” and “How they deal with its issues, given the very questionable nature of the public space in post-Soviet countries?”


This publication collects and analyzes projects of questioning and rethinking of a public space realized by CSM in 2012, namely a series of artistic interventions SEARCH and an international discussion platform "Spaces of Negotiation".


The project SEARCH and "Spaces of Negotiation" were only one attempt to look at how artistic strategies can work in the public space, how it can rest against these strategies and transform them. They were a proposal for artists to collectively look at our motivations and tools of public intervention and look at the city through different eyes,” - wrote Kateryna Botanova, CSM director, in the text "A Very Private Touch of Something that is Public".


The first part of the publication contains documentation of the art projects by: Maria Kulykivska "Music of Unextracted Sounds", Vova Vorotniov "Samson", Lada Nakonechna "Event", MMM Group "Cultural Layer", Georgiy Potopalskiy and Yevhen Vashchenko "Crack", Grupa Predmetiv "Kyivproject", as well as the texts of the artists and their interviews.


The second part consists of documentation of events of the discussion platform "Spaces of Negotiation", namely discussion "Spaces of Negotiation", workshops by Anton Lederer "Art Engaged in the Neighborhood", and workshop by Yuliya Kostereva and Yuriy Kruchak "Local in the New Global", a film by Stefan Rusu "Reclaiming the City", tour-performance with Romana Schmalisch and Anna Pohribna "Palace of Culture", lecture by Elke Krasny "On Urban Curating. Sharing and Caring - Ethics and Desires in the Public Realm" and critical articles by the curators and artists, its participants.


Curator Elke Krasny writes: “We live in a state of constant crisis and prevailing anxiety. The processes of globalisation and the conditions of neoliberalism not only transform and shape local conditions, but also elicit a wide range of strategies of critic and engagement. 


How to gain and regain the right to agency as an expression of urban citizenship is the fundamental issue which lies at the heart of what I call urban curating. Contemporary practices of urban curating entail a great deal of critical analysis and curatorial activism as well as multi-layered and multi-faceted collaborations of artists, local residents, educators, architects, cultural researchers, cultural producers, activists, urbanists, city planners and many more.”


In 2013, CSM will continue the practice of urban studies and interventions through the international project SPACES.


Publication "In Search of Spaces of Negotiation" is bilingual (Ukrainian-English).

You can read the PDF-version here.


Printed versions of the publication are available in the CSM office (Frunze 14-18, office 18).


Publication "In Search of Spaces of Negotiation" is financed by the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme of the European Union and implemented with support of the grants programme "i3" of the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation "Development of Ukraine".

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