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From the First Person: Memory. Voice. Dialogue

”From the First Person: Memory. Voice. Dialogue” is an educational project aimed at strengthening the role of cultural institutions and media in countering discrimination, intolerance and stereotypes through cultural practices and critical texts.The project is implemented by CSM / Foundation Center for Contemporary Art and Korydor online magazine about contemporary culture.     


Kharkiv is a city on the border of the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine. It's too early to talk about dialogue – the experience of public debate in Kharkiv has shown that society is having a difficult time with the new social and political realities. Cultural media and artistic practices that work with sensitive topics can help rectify the situation by providing non-traumatic experiences and encouraging critical reflection on modern life. How can journalists, editors, cultural activists and managers work with current issues, involve audiences in creating a constructive field that can give birth to new meaning and solutions? This will be the topic of two educational programs – the spring school of cultural practices “Memory” and the school of cultural journalism “Voice” that will be held in Kharkiv on 10-15 May.


Both schools will work with suppressed topics, problems of excluded communities, self-censorship in culture and media, potential for public stories to become cultural projects. Kharkiv will also host a series of open lectures called “Dialogue”. After the schools, the participants will have an opportunity to turn the most interesting ideas into cultural and journalistic projects.   


The deadline to apply is 18:00 on 15 April 2016. The results will be announced on 20 April 2016 Participation in the project is free. The organizers will provide lodging, meals and travel to Kharkiv.


More about school of cultural practices “From the First Person: Memory”

More about school of cultural journalism “From the First Person: Voice”


If you have any questions, don`t hesitate to contact us via 044 501 94 61 or info@csmart.org.ua


The project is supported by National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

Partner of the summer school “Memory” - Culture.pl.

Media partners: Korydor, УП. Життя, Громадське Радіо, Platforma.

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