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“Culture Mirrors” Cultural Journalism Residency Project

In the last decade, the crisis of liberal democracy in the EU, rise of right-wing political rhetoric and proliferation of populism have come in response to a range of problems countries are facing. The difficulty lies in the fact that similar problems have different contexts in each country—identity crises, a growth of radical right-wing and religious sentiments, populism in the government’s public discourse.


Germany, a country with a developed economy, often acts as an arbiter and leader in global decision-making on conflicts in the transatlantic context. But at the same time, it is plagued by a number of unresolved migration issues domestically and in relations with its European partners. Poland, with its high unemployment rate and a crisis in its industrial sectors, is pursuing a policy of honouring past glory and its national separateness from other members of the EU, which could weaken its role in the EU in the future. Romania, a country with demographic and economic problems, regular public protests and a recent revolution, is retreating on its once strong pro-European rhetoric while making constant promises to fight corruption. Hungary’s far-right policy, Brexit, the war between Russia and Ukraine, and the information wars that are the backdrop of all political crises provide a picture of interdependence: in countries with highly polarized sentiments and views, the need for more complex narratives about society becomes problematic.


These issues will be in the focus of the European media in the lead up to the parliamentary elections in the EU and presidential elections in Ukraine in 2019 and will require careful analysis and expert examination. The “Culture Mirrors” Cultural Journalism Residency Project aims to explore the culture and humanitarian policy in four countries (Germany, Poland, Romania and Ukraine) with different levels of economic development and pro-European aspirations. The participants of the project will analyse the political and social contexts through a series of journalistic materials—reports, interviews, critical reviews. The project will culminate in June 2019 with a conference in Kyiv where the participants will have an opportunity to sum up their research and share with experts their visions of the challenges facing European countries.   


The project is implemented by the online magazine Korydor and CSM / Foundation Centre for Contemporary Art (Kyiv) in partnership with n-ost (Berlin), Think Outside The Box (Bucharest) and Krytyka Polityczna (Warsaw).

The call for participants of the cultural journalism residencies (from Ukraine) is open until 31 January 2019. Details and terms of participation can be found here.

The “Culture Mirrors” Cultural Journalism Residencies Project is implemented under the Culture Bridges Programme. Culture Bridges is funded by the EU and managed by the British Council in partnership with the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) network in Ukraine.

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