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Spring school of cultural journalism “From the First Person: Voice”

CSM and Korydor invite to apply for the spring school of cultural journalism “From the First Person: Voice”


Spring school of cultural journalism “From the First Person: Voice” is a five-day course for journalists, bloggers, authors and editors that work with cultural issues and see culture as an effective means of political change. Human rights, excluded communities and (self)censorship are hot topics in European (and Ukrainian) culture. It is important for the professional journalist community to be able to analyze how these issues are reflected in modern documentary film, literature, visual art, theater, etc. To apply, follow this link.


Lecturers and trainers of the spring school will include Ukrainian and foreign experts, journalists, experienced editors, cultural figures, critics, producers and managers of cultural projects who work with human rights issues. During the school, lecturers and trainers will help participants find answer to the following questions:

-       How to move away from pretentious rhetoric in the media to critical and quality analysis?

-       How to write reports and reviews of cultural events without ignoring their socially important elements?

-       How to recognize and counter hate speech?

-       What do we know about successful foreign practices of cultural journalism that integrate with other socially important topics in the media?

-       How can the work of a cultural journalist change (influence) the situation in the humanitarian sphere?


The cultural journalism program will be held in Kharkiv on May 11-15.


We invite authors, journalists, editors and cultural commentators with at least 2-3 years of experience working in print and online publications, independent journalism projects or radio to participate. We are looking for participants from different cities of Ukraine for whom it is important to understand the issues that will be covered at the school. After the school, a selection of texts written by the participants will be published in the online magazine Korydor and partner publications.    


Participation in the project is free. The organizers will provide lodging, meals and travel to Kharkiv.


To apply, fill out the application accessible here and send us links to your published materials or files. The deadline to apply is 18:00 on 15 April 2016. The results will be announced on 20 April 2016.


If you have any questions, don`t hesitate to contact us via 044 501 94 61 or info@csmart.org.ua


The summer school is a part of the ”From the First Person: Memory. Voice. Dialogue” project aimed at strengthening the role of cultural institutions and media in countering discrimination, intolerance and stereotypes through cultural practices and critical texts. The other part of the project is the summer school of cultural practices “From the First Person: Memory” for cultural mangers and curators from cultural organizations or initiatives in different regions of Ukraine who want to generate discussion of complex issues about the past and use participatory practices in their projects.   


The project is supported by National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

Media partners: Korydor, УП. Життя, Громадське Радіо, Platforma.