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Summer school of cultural practices “From the First Person: Memory”

CSM and Korydor invite to apply for the spring school of cultural practices “From the First Person: Memory”


Summer school of cultural practices “From the First Person: Memory” is an educational program for cultural mangers and curators from cultural organizations or initiatives in different regions of Ukraine who want to generate discussion of complex issues about the historical past and use participatory approach in their projects. The summer school will be held in Kharkiv on May 10-15To apply, follow this link.


We will examine modern day problems through critical analysis of the past and consider how cultural and artistic projects can create a space for dialogue. The focus of our project is the potential offered by the interaction of public histotry and cultural and artistic projects. Using the memory studies, oral history, contemporary strategies of studying heritage and commemoration of the past we will search for ways to discuss new topics and engage new communities in participatory, dialogical and critical cultural projects. Together with lecturers, researchers and practitioners from Ukraine, Poland, Austria, and Germany we will discuss the following issues:  

- How to work with history and memory on the micro level and in cooperation with communities?  

- How to find the right tools for cooperation and co-creation?      

- How to work with oral history in cultural projects?      

- Why is it important to look at the past as a common resource?      

What does a city remember and what role is played by cultural practices and urban activism?


The participants of the spring school can look forward to a six-day program of workshops, lectures, excursions and intensive professional communication. We invite you together to explore non-obvious themes, debate unpopular places, communities and problems, find ideas for cultural projects that can overcome stereotypes and increase social inclusion.


CSM will support the most interesting ideas that arise during the spring school and will provide mentoring and financial support to selected projects. As an important criteria for selection of projects will be participativeness, sustainability and inter-regional collaboration, we will encourage cooperation between school participants and will consider the relevance of projects for the local situation and development of those institutions/initiatives that will be implementing the projects. Projects will be carried out in June-September 2016, so we ask that you take this into account when planning the work of your organization or initiative.


We invite cultural managers and curators with experience implementing cultural projects and those for whom the knowledge offered by the school is important to participate in the spring school and become part of a professional network, share experiences and be open to cooperation. We are looking for participants for different cities of Ukraine.


Participation in the project is free. The organizers will provide lodging, meals and travel to Kharkiv.


To apply, fill out the application accessible here. The deadline to apply is 18:00 on 15 April 2016. The results will be announced on 20 April 2016.


If you have any questions, don`t hesitate to contact us via 044 501 94 61 or info@csmart.org.ua


The summer school is a part of the ”From the First Person: Memory. Voice. Dialogue” project aimed at strengthening the role of cultural institutions and media in countering discrimination, intolerance and stereotypes through cultural practices and critical texts. The other part of the project is the summer school of cultural journalism “From the First Person: Voice” for journalists and editors who work with cultural issues and see culture as an effective means of political change. .   


The project is supported by National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

Partner of the summer school “Memory” - Culture.pl.

Media partners: Korydor, УП. Життя, Громадське Радіо, Platforma.