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Zero Radius. Art Ontology of the 00s. Minsk

Year: 2013 Language: Russian / English
pages: 532 Country: Belarus
Book number: BEL 0017

Zero Radius. Art Ontology of The 00s. Minsk. 2000–2010 — this is the full name of belarusian contemporary art research project. It contains three main stages: 1) art research, 2) group exhibition and 3) book release. Having designed lots of graphics for the book and for the exhibition, I would like to demonstrate the book as the complete result. 532 pages represent the result of a collective interdisciplinary research of the contemporary Belarusian art of the first decade of XXI century (mainly connected with Minsk). Those are theoretical and publicistic texts, dedicated to its various aspects. The book also contains photographic and text materials referred to Zero Radius exhibition and brief information on all the artists, selected by project experts as representatives of the decade of interest.