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Land of Human Rights (Reader)

Year: 2009 Language: English
pages: 175 Country: Austria
Book number: AUT 097

Іn a world of images, visibility has become a political necessity. Whoever wants to achieve changes in society must not only make him or herself heard but also seen. The power relationships in the controversial space of social rights and values are marked by strategies of visualization. The “Land of Human Rights” does not refer to a confined territorial space, but is understood as a collective space of dignity aimed at making visible, bundling and strengthening visionary discourses and strategies linked to human rights issues.Summarizing publication of the conference "Artistic and Activist Strategies of Making Human Rights Visible", which took place in the frame of the long term project "Land of Human Rights" at Theater im Bahnhof in Graz, Austria on Friday, November 30 - Saturday, December 1, 2007.