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Workshops culture.pl with Agnieszka Pajączkowska and Joanna Mikulska, Association of Creative Initiatives “ę”

Are you an active artist or culture manager interested in work in public spaces involving people from local communities? Do you want to know how to communicate with them? What kind of tools to use to check their needs and to start participatory process? Agnieszka Pajączkowska and Joanna Mikulska will conduct the special workshops for participants of “Mosaic of the City” project who want to do projects “with and about” public space and local communities. During two days of workshops we will get to know new tools for creative work with communities, will discover what kind of features need to have artist or culture manager who has ambitions to cooperate with local community and will get a chance to listen inspiring stories about projects have been carried out in Association of Creative Infinitives “ę” from Warsaw.


Agnieszka Pajączkowska

Cultural animateur & educator, practicioner & theoretician, producer & coach, ngos’ manager & community artist in the area of socio-cultural, artistic and leadership activities. Member coordinator in Association of Creative Initiatives “ę” where she coordinated projects: “Młodzi menedżerowie kultury”, “Młode menedżerki kultury”, “Seminarium wizualne”, “Tożsamości odzyskane”, “Migawki. Spotkania z fotografią”. She’s a member of Flying Cultural Animateurs Network specialized in photographical practices and local histories. She cooperated with i.a. Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, History Meeting House, Zachęta National Art Gallery, Zofia Rydet Foundation, Foundation of Visual Arts in Cracow, Photomonth in Cracow.


Joanna Mikulska

Journalist, culture animator, producer of social and cultural events. Coordinator at Association of Creative Initiatives “ę”. Before she worked in History Meeting House (state institution in Warsaw taking care of contemporary polish history) as a cultural event and theater performances producer, and also in Dorożkarnia Children and Youth Culture Center (state institution, local Warsaw House of Culture), coordinator of long-term project about history of Warsaw “Roots of Siekierki”: building local history archive, organizing exhibitions, public events, author of book. She is keen on history, work with memories and reportage. Interested in influence and importance of people and their history in architecture and urban planning.


Association of Creative Initiatives “ę” is a non-governmental organization which has been realizing socio-cultural project all over Poland since 2002. They train, give grants, publish books, create and promote new models of activity in the sphere of culture and support young artists. Also they run a network of cultural animators (about 70 people for now) in the entire country. Their motto is: Creating the world where people with passion can act for themselves and for others. 

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Mosaic of the City project aimed at developing of participatory strategies of art interaction with the city. It’s an educational and practical project for the selected group of artists, curators, and cultural managers which consists of workshops in Kyiv, summer academy in Ruhrgebiet (Germany) and implementation of the participant’s own project in Kyiv. The project is implemented during June-December 2015 by CSM in the partnership with Goethe-Institut Ukraine and funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.