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Semen Shyrochin, lecture “Architecture of Soviet transportation structures”

Semen Shyrochin, lecture “Architecture of Soviet transportation structures”


The first thing a person sees when arriving in a city is a station (railway or bus station, airport or river port). The station makes the first impression, and this impression should be nice. That’s why in Soviet times special attention was given to the architecture of transportation structures. They were important not only in terms of function but also representation and image. This will be the subject of a lecture by Soviet architecture researcher Semen Shyrochin. 

During the lecture, he will examine various Soviet stations: railway and bus stations, airports and river ports. We will see pictures and designs of the most interesting examples of modernist and Stalinist architecture not only in Ukraine but also other republics of the former USSR. We’ll discuss their history, features and fate. Some buildings remain, some were rebuilt, and others destroyed completely. But the most interesting part of the talk will be the designs of buildings that remained on paper, including unique designs by Ukrainian architects.     


Semen Shyrochin is a scholar, researcher of Soviet architecture, and author of numerous articles and books. His latest is “The Unknown Left Bank of the 1960-1980s” (2018).