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Art project “6 MOSAICS”

"6 mosaics" – the project devoted to the study and conservation of monumental and decorative art of the Soviet period in Ukraine.


Since the middle of 50-s of the XX century in Ukraine monumental and decorative art began to grow very actively. This was due to the changes in architectural and building canon in the USSR. One of the most common types of the monumental art in Ukraine was a mosaic. For many artists who worked with monumental art in 60-s this type of art remained the territory of possibilities for creativity and experiment, despite censorship and ideological pressure.


There are more than 100 unique mosaics that have being preserved in Kyiv. The authors of these mosaics demonstrated not only exceptional artistic skills; they also managed to formulate a critical artistic statement despite all the censorship of that time. And now, when we try to get rid of ideological influence of Soviet symbols, we can discover the new meanings of these works. However, decommunization laws in Ukraine started on May 21, 2015, and a large number of monumental and decorative monuments are under threat of destruction.


There are 6 monumental mosaics on Peremohy avenue, created in 1967-1982 by prominent artists – Ivan  Lytovchenko, Volodymyr Pryadka, Valeriy Lamah and Ernest Kotkov. October 28, 2015 six memorial signs will be placed with the names of works, dates of their creation and the authors’ names.

An important part of the project "6 mosaics" is a participatory component – the involvement of the residents of the district in a dialogue with artists and researchers; gathering information about the attitude of the residents who live in the houses with mosaics; a research of their perception of historical and artistic heritage. We conducted a series of interviews with residents, trying to determine the nature of people's attitudes to mosaics: affection / alienation, approval / rejection, the desire to maintain / to dismantle, to protect / condemn. We also prepared a series of postcards with the images and history of the monumental mosaics. The postcards will be distributed among the residents of the houses with mosaics as a reminder about invisible treasures, which should be treated carefully.


Thus, using the typical instruments of museumification (postcards, explications, memorial signs), in the “6 mosaics” project we want to emphasize the importance of these works as heritage and try to protect them from the damaging effects of the nowadays.


Please, join the presentation and have a talk with one of the authors of the mosaics – Volodymyr Pryadka and Ivan Lytovchenko’s daughter – Natalia Lytovchenko. There will be an open air tea party, welcome!


The authors of the project: Eugenia Molar, Eugene Nikiforov, Oleg Perkovsky.


Project “6 mosaics” is a part of a project “Mosaic of the city”, which is aimed at developing participatory strategies of art interactions with the city. It is an educational and practical program, which consists of a series of workshops in Kyiv, summer academy in Ruhr region (Germany) and an implementation of projects in Kyiv by participants of the program. “Mosaic of the city” is a project of CSM (Foundation Center for Contemporary Art) in partnership with Goethe-Institut Ukraine, and funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.


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