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Kateryna Voznytsya, Anton Prykhodko. Petrivka Requiem

Kateryna Voznytsya, Anton Prykhodko. Petrivka Requiem


“Caution, the doors are closing, the next stop is Pochaina. At first this new sound grated on my ears, but after a few days I got used to it. Next is Pochaina. And then we’ll drive to Pivnichny Bridge.” (overheard in the Kyiv metro)  

A dog only takes notice of the bone it’s chewing when it’s being taken away. The dog will fight for it to the death, as if the bone was regrowing meat and filling with juices. But the loss is irreversible, because when the lost is returned to us or comes back it’s not quite what we lost, it’s not at all the same. But the return to loss is always the same return to what we never had. Petrivka Requiem is a project that reflects on the theme of the lost through animation and algorithmic processing of archival audio recordings from the Kyiv metro. In it you can hear a voice that you will never again hear in the metro.

The screening will take place at the "Podil" bus station on Sept 29 at 19:00 and then you can join the talk about the loss and memory in the art and public space with the project authors, artist and curator Andrii Dostliev, and historian Svitlana Osipchuk.

Kateryna Voznytsya is a culturologist and animator. She worked at a clay animation studio before switching to classical drawing and digital 2D. She has made several animated clips for Docudays UA and 86. She teaches a course on animation and motion design for journalists at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

Anton Prykhodko is a philologist and musician. Then he made sound for several films and animations. He is interested in electronic music, develops analog and programs digital musical instruments.