CSM / Foundation Centre for Contemporary Art is a non-profit non-governmental organization which sees its mission in the support of development and cooperation of non-commercial art practices.

About CSM

CSM / Foundation Centre for Contemporary Art has been working since 2008 in Kyiv, Ukraine.


CSM is the descendant of the first Ukrainian Soros Centre for Contemporary Art (later CCA at NaUKMA), which finished its work in 2008. 


СSM is a non-profit organization that promotes innovative artistic practices and responsible cultural criticism in Ukraine. CSM helps create an environment in which culture is regarded as an important agent of change


CSM has three main focus arias:


1.  Education

2.  Criticism

3.  Artistic practices. 


Since 2010, CSM publishes KORYDOR – an online magazine about the critics of the contemporary culture.


Annual report 2015.


In January 2015 we switched to a horizontal style of management whereby all decisions are made collectively and each team member is responsible for her sphere of activities.


CSM team:

Ilona Demchenko, director

Lyudyma Skrynnykova, partnership and art project curator

Anna Pohribna, project manager

Vira Baldyniuk, editor in chief at Korydor magazine

Tetyana Melnychenko, accountant

Victor Timokhin, teсhnical coordinator


CSM Board:

Iryna Solovey, Acting Chairman of Head of CSM Board, strategist at Garage Gang Kollektiv NGO

Kateryna Botanova, art critic, independent expert, curator

Alevtina Kakhidze, artist, organizer of the only residency programme in Ukraine “Extended Musychi History”

Lesya Khomenko, artist, member of the group Р.Е.П. and the art union “Худрада”

Natalya Zhevago, founder of the “Cultural Project

Natalia Popovych, head of the PRP Group

Yevgenia Bеlorusets, phographer and translator, co-editor of the publication “Prostory”


Among the CSM Board Members were also Alisa Lozhkina, Deputy General Director of the national art complex “Mystetskyi Arsenal”, Andriy Marushechko, consultant on social communications, and Yuriy Rybachuk, journalist, editor of Society and Culture Section in the weekly Comments.


CSM Supervisory Board:

Viktor Marushchenko, Olena Prytula and Tiberiy Silvashi.


CSM founders:

Marta Dychok, Yuriy Onuch and Mykola Yakovyna.